American Gods Season 1 Episode 3 S01E03 English Subtitles

American Gods Season 1 Episode 3 S01E03 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: American Gods Season 1 Episode 3 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Head Full of Snow

Director: David Slade

Written by: Neil Gaiman

Date Aired: May 14, 2017

Episode Length: 60 minutes


Short Summary:
In an unknown city of America, Anubis appears to take the soul of an old Muslim lady. After removing the heart, he checks the weight against a feather to find out if she was a good or bad person. He sees her worthy and then sends her to the afterlife. No in Chicago, Shadow has visions of Zorya Polunochnaya, the youngest child of the Zorya, who removes the Moon out of the sky and hands it to him as a silver dollar. After waking, Shadow pushes Czernobog to another betting game of checkers and triumps this time. He then forces Czernobog to go to Wisconsin. While in New York, a business man from Omani, called Salim meets a taxi driver, shown to be an Ifrit. They have sex, and exchange lives the next day. In another scene, Shadow faces Mad Sweeney, demanding that he returns the gold coin taken from him. Shadow informs him he threw it into Laura’s grave. Mad Sweeney surprisingly digs out the body to find her body and the coin gone. Shadow works with Wednesday in stealing from bank business depositors. Shocker! he goes back to his hotel room to find Laura expecting him.