American Gods Season 1 Episode 4 English Subtitles

American Gods Season 1 Episode 4 S01E04 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: American Gods Season 1 Episode 4 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Git Gone

Director: Craig Zobel

Written by: Neil Gaiman

Date Aired: May 12, 2017

Episode Length: 59 minutes


Short Summary:
The viewer is taken back to Laura’s life before her death. She has tried to commit suicide and failed. She met Shadow she catches him using card tricks to steal from the casino she worked at. Shadow and Laura fall in love and marry, but Laura still searches for meaning in her life. She influences Shadow to assist her in stealing from the casino. Shadow is accosted and sent to jail. Laura agrees to wait for him, but she sleeps with his boss and his friend Robbie. Laura and Robbie die in a car accident, on the day before Shadow was to be released from prison. Laura wakes up in the desert beside the god, he doesn’t send her to the afterlife, and rejigs her back to her body. She now has super powers and she see’s a bright lights in front of her that turns out to be Shadow, he resuces him without revealing her identity. As her body begins to loose form and shape, she is seen by two ancient gods, Mr. Ibis and Mr. Jacquel, who restore her damaged body. Jacquel shows up as Anubis, promising to take back Laura’s soul as soon as she is done with her assignment. This is where she then meets Shadow in his hotel room.