American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 S01E08 English Subtitles

American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 S01E08 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Come to Jesus

Director: Floria Sigismondi

Written by: Neil Gaiman

Date Aired: June 18, 2017

Episode Length: 61 minutes


Short Summary:
Mr. Nancy shares the story of Bilquis with Shadow and Wednesday, she’a a strong goddess, that influences Wednesday to go find a queen. Wednesday and Shadow go to see Easter, another ancient goddess of spring and resurrection. She has now mixed with the new era by entering the Chirstian’s celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Laura and Mad Sweeney follow silently behind Shadow till they get to Easter’s estate. Easter finds out that Laura was killed by a god, so she can’t be brought back to life. Sweeney now has to agree that Wednesday had Laura killed, and Shadow sent to jail in order to set him on his purposes. Media, Technical Boy, and Mr. World surface there and threaten Wednesday, who kills all their men with a thunder strike, while naming himself as Odin. He also pushes Easter to use her superpowers to reclaim spring and cast a drought all over America. Shadow finally agrees to the believing in Gods, just when Laura come to talk to him.