Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 S06E04 English Subtitle

Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 S06E04 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Arrow Season 6 Episode 4 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Reversal

Director: Laura Belsey

Written by: Greg Berlanti , Marc Guggenheim

Date Aired: November 2, 2017

Episode Length: 42 minutes


Short Summary:
Laurel starts to murder people she feels are not prominent, also Felicity meets with Alena, and she share of a plan by Cayden James to put out millions of people worldwide. They approach Amnesiac, dealing in black market goods to purchase a ghost drive. Oliver steps in and spoils the deal, Felicity picks offence, steals the drive and runs away. Team Arrow follows Laurel and finds out her home. They also notice that she works for James. He also tells his team to kill Felicity and Alena, as she was seriously injured during the last rescue attempt by Team Arrow. Felicity discovers that James has with him, the fingerprints of the victim, in the hope that he will use it to gain entry in the International Domain Name Directory (IDND). Team Arrow attacks James as they think he wanted to destroy the internet. Felicity gains access and stops the attack by James. She also includes Alena as part of her company, called Helix. She hopes to manufacture, her spinal implant in mass quantities. James gives Laurel an equipment to prevent the tracking of Curtis. Slade reaches out to Oliver seeking his help.