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FILE NAME: Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 4 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Director: Brian Kirk

Writers: Bryan Cogman

Date Aired: May 8, 2011

Episode Length: 59 minutes


Short Summary:
Tyrion prepares a modified saddle for Bran which will enable him rides a horse. After this he heads to the south. Ned inquires into the death of Jon Arryn his mentor, he then discovers that King Robert had an illegitimate son. He learns that Arryn was interested in a particular book and also visited a local blacksmith known for making quality arms. Robert and his guests watch over a game in the honor of Ned. Jon makes an effort to protect Samwell Tarly, as the men of the Night’s Watch try to abuse him. He is weird and has no friends. Sam is always mocked by the other trainees and colleagues. Jon assures him that he will never be harmed. Sansa remains annoyed with her father for allowing her wolf get killed. Sanasa earnestly wishes to be a queen someday, while Arya sees herself as a knight, and trains in sword fighting. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys defends herself when her brother Vyseris tried to slap her. This shows him that she has some authority on her own. Catelyn organizes her father’s allies to arrest Tyron on grounds of conspiring to kill her son , Bran.