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FILE NAME: Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 7 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: A Golden Crown

Director: Daniel Minahan

Writers: David Benioff & D. B. Weiss

Date Aired: May 29, 2011

Episode Length: 59 minutes

Short Summary:
Back at King’s Landing, Ned Stark confronts Cersei, and questions her on who the boilogical father of her kids. She denied. The father of the Lannisters sends out Jamie to go rescue Tyrion. Robert returns from his hunting trip critically injured and realises he will die soon. He then makes Ned Stark “Protector of the Realm”, until his son Joffrey, becomes of age.
With the knowledge that Joffery is not the true heir to the throne, Ned insists that Robert’s brother come and be king, but Littlefinger is against the decision. Ned also tries to convince Petyr Baelish on his decision and asks for his assistance to rally the City Watch to take down Cerci and Joffrey. Ned is betrayed and his men gets attacked.


At the Wall, Benjen, a younger brother to Ned, gets missing, and after a while, a riderless horse returns to the wall. Jon Snow and Samwell Tarly are made personal servants, with the former paired with Lord Commander Mormont. They are then made to swear their loyalties to the Night’s Watch. The assassin meant to kill Daenery’s gets captured. Then Drogo vows that their son will be made ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.