Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 English Subtitle

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 S06E04 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Book of the Stranger

Director: Daniel Sackheim

Writers: George R.R. Martin (based on “A Song of Ice and Fire” by), David Benioff

Date Aired: May 15, 2016

Episode Length: 59 minutes


Short Summary:
Sansa’s group finally land at Castle Black, and she now meets with Jon. Elsewhere in Meereen, Tyrion has a meeting with the slave masters of Slaver’s Bay, he offers them peace if they agree to stop slave trade for a period of seven years. The former slaves are annoyed at this. Lord Baelish finds his way to Vale and raises up men against Ramsay. Naharis discovers about Mormont’s greyscale when they reach Vaes Dothrak. Meanwhile in King’s Landing, Margaery is finally allowed to see Loras, also Cersei, Jaime, Kevan and Olenna forget their grievances and find a way to beat the Sparrows. Theon reaches Pyke and tells Yara that he will help her to get what she duly wants at Kingsmoot. At Winterfell, Osha tries to kill Ramsay, but he kills him. Ramsay sends a letter to Jon, and threatens to harm Rickon if Sansa is not brought back to him. She then begs Jon to move south to be able to reclaim Winterfell. Daenerys approaches the Khals at the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. They refuse to serve her and she burns them and Moro to death. She comes out unhurt, and unhurt, the Dothraki kneel before her.