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FILE NAME: Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: The Blade’s Path

Director: Scott White

Written by: Tze Chun

Date Aired: October 19, 2017

Episode Length: 42 minutes


Short Summary:
After the burial of Alex, Bruce learns that Ra’s applied for immunity, he then took the knife and swears to kill him him at Blackgate. Ra’s shares goodbye to Barbara and gives her unknown mystical powers. On getting there, Bruce rounded up by Ra’s disguised as COs. Alfred reports him missing to Gordon, they reach Blackgate, and arerest the League. Ra’s then claims that he is cursed till eternity, this angers Bruce to kill him, and the curse is broken, making him a rotten corpse. Bruce stops his vigilante; and Alfred holds on to the suit till he can continue. Elsewhere, the body of Butch is thrown into waters owned by Indian Hill. He is then brought back to life carrying no memory, premature language, pale skin and mystic powers, with the name “Solomon Grundy”. He faces and becomes friends with Nygma, who adds him to a wrestling ring, where Lee works as a medic. Sofia tries to level with Cobblepot, and they bond.