How to enjoy movies with Movie Subtitles

How to Use Movie Subtitles

The majority that come to this website have sent me mails, or asked me personally, “What exactly are movie subtitles? How can I use them? I hope to use this post to quell all their doubts and concerns about using movie subtitles. You will learn the best ways of using them to have a proper, and more enjoyable movie watching experience.

So by the time you finish reading this article, you should have understood the meaning of movie subtitles. Also how to get them, how to use them, and the best ways of utilizing them. First of all, we start by dealing with the most fundamental question:
How to Use Movie Subtitles

What are Movie Subtitles?

If you are a regular movie watcher, even if you don’t watch movies that much, you must have come across at least one movie that shows write ups in the lower part of the screen. It is mostly written in Chinese or other languages, but the important thing is that, they display what the movie characters are saying at any given point in time.

Movie subtitles are small text files (saved in .srt format). It contains all the words spoken in a movie and displays it as the movie is playing. Hence, If an actor says ” Things are never gonna be the same now”, the same thing is displayed on the screen (See screenshot above). Also know that subtitle files have to be are synced, such that what is displayed, correlates with what the movie cast is saying. Overall, you end up having a good movie watching experience.


How to Use Movie Subtitles

To use movie subtitles, you will have to follow the steps below:

  1. First download the srt file from a reputable website like Your Subtitles. The files will sometimes come in a zipped format.
  2. Unzip or extract the files in whatever device you plan to use it on.
  3. Make sure you rename the srt file to the same name as your movie file. E.g If the movie name is All Eyez on Me (2017).mp4 rename the subtitle file to All Eyez on Me (2017).srt. This is very important step, or else, the subtitles won’t display after you play the movie. See screenshot below.
    How to Enjoy movies with Movie Subtitles
  4. Play the movie and enjoy.

The good thing is that, you gain deeper understanding of the movie. Since you can read and see everything they are saying. Especially for non-native English speakers, you can get a better grasp of the movie, while also improving your vocabulary. Subsequently I will share steps on how to use enjoy movie subtitles on PC/Linus Mac/Apple and Android devices. Cheers.