Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 10 S03E10 English Subtitle

Mr Robot Season 3 English Subtitles

Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 10 S03E10 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 10 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: “shutdown -r”

Director: Sam Esmail

Written by: Sam Esmail

Date Aired: December 13, 2017

Episode Length: 49 minutes


Short Summary:
Dom is captured with Darlene realizing Santiago is a mole. Elliot saves his sister by making peace with Mr Robot. Irving kills Santiago and threatens Dom to become the new mole. Grant plans to kill the Aldersons . Elliot save himself and Darlene by moving the plant to Congo faster. Whiterose watches online. Price agrees he is Angela’s birth father. A broken Dom hates Darlene and gives FBI access to Elliot. Elliot agrees to work with Mr Robot to attack the true players who revealed themselves, he gives out the data to affect Five-Nine. In the ending scene as Darlene walks to Elliot’s apartment she is apprehended by thugs led by Vera.