Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 2 S03E02 English Subtitle

Mr Robot Season 3 English Subtitles

Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 2 S03E02 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 2 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: eps3.1_undo.gz

Director: Sam Esmail

Written by: Sam Esmail

Date Aired: October 11, 2017

Episode Length: 49 minutes


Short Summary:
After five weeks of working at E Corp, Elliot found his way up the ladder. Removing lower heads of units and influencing the mid-level manager to switch paper records to digital. In the process he moved some from the Stage 2 building to an E Corp warehouse. Scott Knowles gets apprehended for the death of Sharon, Joanna appears on live TV declaring her love for Tyrell. Derek kills her, then Mr. Sutherland kills Derek. An anonymous source publishes another video from fsociety. The FBI and Dom pressure on Darlene to release the prison phone calls Elliott made with Tyrell. Darlene sleeps over at Elliot’s place, while Mr Robot shows up and makes her scared. Phillip Price has involved all the countries of the world on Ecoin except China. Price then tries to threaten Zhang with UN vote in allowing China annex Congo, Zhang then shows the influence he has over Angela. Zhang wants Stage 2 to start on the voting day, either they win or lose, but to punish Price. Elliot finds out that Darlene placed a bug on his computer and then goes to Darlene’s FBI safe house, since they’re watching.