Outlander Season 3 English Subtitles All Episodes Download

Outlander Season 3 English Subtitles All Episodes Download

Series Name: Outlander (2017)

Starring : Tobias Menzies, Caitriona Balfe , Sam Heughan

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

Total Episodes: 13

Year: 2017

Outlander Season 3 Summary:

Jamie murders Randall somewhere around Culloden, though he gets seriously wounded in the battle and he manages to escape execution. While in the cells, he makes acquaintances of the governor Lord John Grey, who then grants him a shorter parole time in an English estate. He eventually gets a girl pregnant while there and a son is born for him, named Willie, Jamie finds his way back to Scotland, where he becomes a printer. Elsewhere in 1948, Claire goes to medical school, though she tries her best to bring up her two daughters. Frank dies in a car crash. Roger Wakefield, assists Claire to find Jamie. Claire finds out that Jamie is remarried. He then tries to pay his new wife Loaghaire, by going on a treasure hunt. They manage to get some, but his nephew gets kidnappped.

Outlander Season 3 English Subtitles Official Trailer

Outlander Season 3 All Episodes English Subtitle Srt Download

  • Episode 1 The Battle Joined Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 2 Surrender Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 3 All Debts Paid Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 4 Of All Things Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 5 Freedom & Whiskey Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 6 A.Malcom : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 7 Crème de Menthe Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 8 First Wife : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 9 The Doldrums Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 10 Heaven And Earth : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 11 Uncharted Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 12 The Bakra Srt Subtitle: DOWNLOAD
  • Episode 13 Eye of the Storm Srt Subtitle : DOWNLOAD

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