Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 S03E09 English Subtitles

Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 S03E09 English Subtitles srt Download

FILE NAME: Rick and Morty Season 3 Episode 9 S03E09 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: The ABC’s of Beth

Director: Wesley Archer, Juan Jose Meza-Leon

Written by: Justin Roiland

Date Aired: September 24, 2017

Episode Length: 22 minutes

Short Summary:


Rick and Beth find themselves in Froopyland – this is a fantasy world created by Rick for young Beth. The aim of the journey was to bring back Tommy, one of Beth’s childhood friends trapped in Froopyland. They also wanted to stop the wrong execution of his father, as he has been blamed for eating him. Tommy, has lived through the years eating human beings, incest and all worth not, has chosen not to return to the real world. Rick and Beth struggled to rescue Tommy’s father, by making a clone of Tommy. Now back from travels, Beth is told she can travel the world while a clone of her is made to replace her on earth. Elsewhere, Jerry dates Kiara an alien hunter, all to Morty and Summer’s surprise. He later tries to quit the relationship, and Kiara is enraged, as she threatens to kill all the children she formerly held dear. The stop the malady, it was then discovered that Kiara was using Jerry to make up for lost time with her former boyfriend.