Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 S07E01 English Subtitles

Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 S07E01 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Scandal Season 7 Episode 1 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Watch Me

Director: Jann Turner

Written by Shonda Rhimes

Date Aired: October 5, 2017

Episode Length: 43 minutes

Short Summary:


News spread that Luna Vargas has died from a heart attack, Cyrus Beene now Vice President, and President Mellie Grant hold their first joint session at the congress, where she promises a bill to free education. Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), President Grant’s Chief of Staff, blackmails Senator Michaels with an envelope which carries some implicating information about him, so that he can speak well of them during the bill election. Later on, Pope enters the Oval Office and informs Grant and Beene on the help to come from Michael persuades Beene to speak with other senators.
A woman rushes into the office seeking assistance and Quinn and Abby rushes to talk with her. The woman is called Madeline Stewart (Tina Huang), saying she has lost contact with her father.