Scorpion Season 4 Episode 3 S04E03 English Subtitles

Scorpion Season 4 Episode 3 S04E03 English Subtitles srt Download

FILE NAME: Scorpion Season 4 Episode 3 S04E03 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Grow a Deer, A Female Deer

Director: Milan Cheylov

Written by: David Foster & Nick Santora

Date Aired: October 9, 2017

Episode Length: 43 minutes


Short Summary:
Scorpion later finds out about the arrest of Cabe from Ally, they now contribute to pay $500,000 for bail. Cabe is not happy with this. As they now lack funds, Scorpion heads to Africa to catch rhino poachers. As they are on the mission, Walter uses his guilt to project the attitude of Cabe to a very bad outcome. When they get there, they rescue a pregnant deer from a poacher. They then have to move it’s baby into an artificial incubator, and transport the mother and baby to safety. The successfully save them, also Ralph succeeds decrypting the satellite phone of one of the poachers, hence pinpointing the organisation behind the poaching. Cabe discovers how selfish he has been, helped by Ralph. Same Ralph now has a crush on new intern Patty.