Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 S02E07 English Subtitle

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FILE NAME: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 7 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister

Director: Rebecca Thomas

Written by: Matt Duffer, Justin Doble

Date Aired: October 27, 2017

Episode Length: 45 minutes


Short Summary:
Eleven moves away from Chicago to look for the girl in the dreams of Terry. He is now able to meet with a psychic girl from Pittsburgh that has psychic powers, including others. The two meet each other and Kali shows off her powers. With assistance from her gang, she tries to avenge the past workers of Hawkins laboratory. Kali then speaks to Eleven ans shows her the best ways of using her powers, also showing her how to direct her anger to using her powers. Eleven follows as the lay siege on on the lab attendant Ray, who performed a shock therapy on Terry. Kali then makes an attempt to make Eleven murder Ray, she had to stop after discovering that Ray had two daughters. They find their way back to their residence, where Kali tells Eleven to avenge the death of her mother, or to go away. Eleven now dreams of seeing Mike and Hopper in the laboratory, and they are in distress. They chose to go back to Hawkins, and Kali and her team runs away from the cops.