Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8 S02E08 English Subtitle

Stranger Things Season 2 English Subtitles

Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8 S02E08 English Subtitle srt Download

FILE NAME: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 8 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

Director: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Written by: Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer

Date Aired: October 27, 2017

Episode Length: 47 minutes


Short Summary:
Monsters come together and attack people in the laboratory, killing a number of people there. Mike tells Joyce to drug Will, in the hope that this will stop the monsters from attacking them. Mike, Will, Joyce, Hopper, Bob and Owens all find themselves locked in the security section of the lab. The power goes off, and Bob agrees to try and reset circuit breakers, in the hope that they can then escape. Owens remains there, trying to assist the other people. Mike, Will, Joyce, and Hopper escape, and Bob is get caught, and the monsters kill him. Nancy, Jonathan, Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max arrive the lab and they all come together. They then conclude that the shadow monster controls both Will and the group of monsters. The hoped that if they destroy it, all the problems will stop. They tie down Will in his tool shed, and it was redesigned such that Will can;t tell after he awakes. Apparently, the monster won’t recognize him after this. Joyce and Mike finally communicate with Will and he shares a message with them through Morse code, saying, “CLOSE GATE”. The phone in their house rings, and the monster finds their hide out. They block the entrance to the house to prevent them from coming in.