Suits Season 7 Episode 3 S07E03 English Subtitles

Suits Season 7 Episode 3 S07E03 English Subtitles srt Download

FILE NAME: Suits Season 7 Episode 3 S07E03 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Mudmare

Director: Maurice Marable

Written by: Aaron Korsh

Date Aired: July 26, 2017

Episode Length: 41 minutes

Short Summary:


Louis has a bad dream, where he was having a mudbath with Harvey in a tub. Alex joins them and says that he and Harvey do it all time. Louis meets a therapist who convinces her to try and relate with Alex, instead of losing Harvey as a friend. The move fails. Rachel handles a fourth-year associate, that always leaves menial work for first-year employees. As Rachel accosts her, Donna intervenes, undermining Rachel’s clout in the presence of all the other lawyers. After a long squabble, Rachel and Donna agree, they need to learn about their new positions in the company. Rachel agrees she needs to become a better lawyer rather than a supervisor. Mike decides to handle a pro bono case about the wrongful death of a prisoner. He then finds out that the majority company that built and operates the prison is a client of Alex. Mike then leaves the case to Oliver. he takes it reluctantly, after Mike explains the situation to him. In another scene, Harvey’s relationship with Dr. Agard becomes a problem.