Suits Season 7 Episode 5 S07E05 English Subtitles

Suits Season 7 Episode 5 S07E05 English Subtitles srt Download

FILE NAME: Suits Season 7 Episode 5 S07E07 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Brooklyn Housing

Director: Roger Kumble

Written by: Aaron Korsh

Date Aired: August 9, 2017

Episode Length: 43 minutes

Short Summary:


Mike takes the chance to serve the clinic towards the prison case under the cover of a different name – Brooklyn Housing. Harvey convinces Paula to take Louis as her lawyer in her case against her ex-boyfriend Jacob. Paula agrees that she had a professional contract with Jacob, and that she had breached the terms of the agreement. Donna senses that Harvey is hiding an issue from her knowledge. Harvey wants to get help from Mike concerning a case and Mike’s absence bothered him. Holly Cromwell comes and requests for a job with PSL, and Donna refuses to go along with Harvey’s choice. Mike tries to retrieve details from Gallo about the prison, and promising him gifts for starting fights, he insists that Mike get him an early parole. Louis settles all squabbles with Dr. Lipschitz and triumphs in Dr. Agard’s case. In another scene, Rachel finds out that Mike is still on the the prison case, and reminds him of the previous agreement.