Suits Season 7 Episode 6 S07E06 English Subtitles

Suits Season 7 Episode 6 S07E06 English Subtitles srt Download

FILE NAME: Suits Season 7 Episode 6 S07E06 SRT SUBTITLE

Episode Name: Home to Roost

Director: Valerie Weiss

Written by: Aaron Korsh

Date Aired: August 16, 2017

Episode Length: 41 minutes

Short Summary:


Mike and Oliver goes to see Frank Gallo, and he tips them off to a lawyer who was about to bring another case involving him, but coerced to drop charges. Rachel lies to Harvey to distract him from Mike and his movements for that day. She was angry for doing this.. Harvey still ends up finding out anyway. Elsewhere, Stephanie sues Louis for sexual harassment – a fourth-year associate whom Donna fired. Katrina a former colleague of Stephanie visits here as a form of consolation, but this has little or no meaning, as Louis needs to admit guilt. Louis later confesses to Stephanie, telling her about missing his opportunity of being a father. His words really touched her. Harvey informs Donna of his relationship with Paula. Donna knew before now, but later tells Rachel that she wasn’t aware. The initial trial for the prison case turns out bad, when Alex appears in court and tells Mike -sitting at the back to support Oliver. This move forces Mike to admit he caused a conflict of interest, therefore ending the case.